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As someone who has been suffering from chronic pain, I’ve had to adapt my work-life to meet my abilities.

I was lucky enough to have an opportunity for work-at-home employees with the retail company I was working with. I initially took a bit of a pay cut to do it, but I just couldn’t stand to be up and about all day. I needed to sit in a chair, and doing it at home seemed like an obvious plus.

I started shopping from home, we get most everything delivered now. I traded my nice car for something old and cheaper to insure, no need for a long-haul car if I hardly use it. I debated getting rid of a car altogether, but my husband wasn’t on board with that idea. Overall, I cut down on a lot of extra time and expenses just by moving my life to my home.

Even with a work-at-home job, I still struggled with a strict 40 hours a week schedule. It’s a lot for me, and at this point pretty much impossible since I can barely sit up more than an hour or two without my head feeling like it wants to fall off. Also, my job deals with customers, not all happy, and that’s a difficult thing to do when hormones are raging and making you cry at the drop of a hat.

Needing to find a way for me to work for myself, I’ve been researching starting online businesses and work-from-home opportunities. I’ve completed several courses in sourcing products and selling with Amazon, as well as affiliate marketing and making money through blogging. I’ve also dabbled in hundreds of opportunities, and come across hundreds more. There are A LOT of ways to make money online.

I am in the process of building a new website and blog that offers all the insight on these opportunities. I think it’s particularly important and helpful for those dealing with similar health issues. The last thing you need is further stress about how you’re going to pay for rent, nutritional food, or medical treatment.

I recommend checking out any of the following opportunities, or take a browse through and see if I can offer some advice to help you make money from home.

Start Your Own Free Website and Learn How to Make Money from Home Legitimately

Earn Money Helping Others Lose Weight and Get Healthy, as a HealthyWage Affiliate

How to Sell on Amazon – An Easy Guide for Beginners

I’d love to hear of any work-at-home business ideas you have. Please comment below!

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