Who Is Jaime?

Who Is Jaime?

Hello, Visitor to My Website!

I’m Jaime. That’s JAY-MEE, because I am not a hispanic male, although you might have also thought it was French, but alas….I am just Jaime.

And this is a picture of me with my husband, totally high on life.


You have somehow ended up on my personal blog that I call Jaime Talks.

This is my third attempt at writing an introduction or “About Page” because, to be honest, I am not sure who I am or what this is all about.

Essentially, I am struggling with an illness that we can’t yet see or understand, trying to navigate our crazy medical system in the US, while wishing I lived in Canada. I thought that information might be helpful to others in the same boat.

But I noticed when I focus JUST ON ILLNESS it makes it really hard for me to heal. I want to share my stories, but I want to again treat life as an adventure and explore all sides, too.

I’ve only recently realized that everyone has chaos in their life. Most people just show the positive on social media, so it’s easy to forget that everyone has problems and is dealing with things.

As I learn to communicate better and establish better bonds with people to get over the fact that life sucks, I’m finding that I do have a pool of friends now who think and feel like me, with the same probems and issues, similar pains and experiences.

Anyway, I started this blog as a way to share my issues and problems, then I got torn up in the fact that I really wanted a more positive approach, and I’ve held back so many things I’ve wanted to say.

So I’m just going to write when I want and about what I want. I’m not really worried anymore who is reading or what this blog is about.

I tried to pick a specific niche, but life and inspiration hasn’t been specific.

I’m not a real mom because I can’t conceive, so it’s not a mom blog.

I am a chef, went to school for it and everything, but I don’t really cook because I’m too exhausted and in pain all the time. I will probably share some fun cooking ideas with you when I get around to it.

This is my place to vent, and I want it to be yours, too.

I may take long breaks from my writing at times if I am in too much pain or in the hospital. But otherwise, I’m so excited to have somewhere I can talk about what I want to talk about.

Now here’s the fun part.

Full disclosure, I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC
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If you click on an item in this post and make a purchase, I will get a
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healing experiences.

I encourage you to support small, family businesses by purchasing
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I never recommend anything I do not 100% support, and I do not believe
in spam.

If you’d like me to review any products on my website, or if you have
any questions, please feel free to email me directly at

I welcome any and all communication, I want people to communicate freely, but I appreciate mostly positivity in my life as I heal and hopefully help others heal.



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