The Work-from-Home Blogger Movement featuring Classic Mothers Day Gifts

The Work-from-Home Blogger Movement featuring Classic Mothers Day Gifts

If you’re looking for some truly budget-friendly and unique Mother’s Day Gifts that pretty much anyone can afford, you should check out my last post. But in case nothing there struck your fancy, I’ve been thinking I should share some of the best options for classic Mother’s Day gifts, while also sharing my thoughts on how we can boost the work-from-home economy with the “Shop by Blog” concept and making it a sort of online, grass-roots movement.

As always, shopping through blog suggestion pages helps support work-from-home business economy. In my case, it also supports my continued healing (these medical bills are a nightmare), and my passion for cat rescue, foster care, and paying it forward to other bloggers with my own shopping.

Anytime I shop online I shop by clicking through affiliate blogs as a way to support my friends and the ever-growing blogging community.

I like the idea that a mom or fellow blogger will get to put food on the table because I took a moment to click through her blog or online store before making a purchase I was going to make anyway.

It’s even better if I can purchase someone’s personal product that they worked hard to produce, but I’ll give wherever it’s possible.

You see, a while back I got sick of seeing these Go Fund Me campaigns for medical and disaster relief that my friends needed. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to support people in a time of need, but because I financially couldn’t. It frustrated me that the medical system in the US makes this a necessary way of life, especially when we pay so much in taxes toward health, on top of insane insurance premiums and co-pays that continue to rise.

Wouldn’t it be better if we put the economy back in our own hands? Wouldn’t you prefer having an online business (or several) that could support you from anywhere in the world and through any crisis? Wouldn’t it be nice to control your paycheck personally? Of course, it would be. And there is endless room and opportunity for that in the online community of blogging and affiliate marketing.

I think it’s important to strengthen this online community and work-from-home economy and help it grow, but please don’t start spamming each other. It’s going to be a natural growth and progression or people will be put off by the idea. We just have to start buying from each other’s blogs and supporting the blogs we especially love. The idea is: you buy from a blog, they buy through a blog, and it starts to go in circles until someone comes back and buys from your blog. (In my head singing, “It’s the ciiiiiiircle of liiiiiife, and it mooooooves us aaaaaaaall…”)


In a personal sense, I also hope to prove I can curate information well for you, and take the search work off your hands by providing high quality, highly rated, and relatively affordable or truly unique suggestions.

No, I’m not Angie’s List; I’m that neighbor you’d say hi to from the porch, while sipping your morning cuppa, who might refer you to a shopping delivery service that gave her a memorable experience and really saved the day, that one time…. I’ve never experienced this, but it’s how I imagine a “perfect life” might go.

And in turn, I will search for my favorite blogs for recommendations and shopping. (hint: keep a little folder for “blogs” in your browser bookmarks)

We can all learn from each other like the online neighbors we are, and create a community that is not bound by countries or cities, but is simply a Global Virtual Community with its very own economy. It already exists, it just needs more people to join and contribute to the circle to keep it a truly viable opportunity for anyone.

How does a community like that sound, Earthlings? (I’d love to hear your comments on this article – scroll down.)

So, without too much further ado, I want to present my list of affiliates who are offering some classic Mother’s Day gifts that also offer a blogger commission for me sharing that with you.

If you are a blogger yourself and want to promote any of these, check out CJ Affiliates and ShareASale (the latter being my personal favorite), to apply.


Classic Mothers Day Gifts

Mother’s Day Roses and Same-Day Delivery

The most popularly searched gift at this time of year is “Mother’s Day Roses,” so I feel obligated to include it. It seems everyone agrees this is the classic gift, and it’s easy to give from a distance just by placing an order online. It’s also perfect for last-minute (oops – I forgot) delivery gifts.

Flowers Fast is a not-so-well-known website where you can get same day delivery, and they have some really pretty options for Mother’s Day. (hint: click the photos below for prices and delivery details)

My favorite Mother’s Day roses.


Not all moms want roses, but lilies and pretzels might do.

Cake is better than flowers, right?


Unless she’s on a diet.


Spa by mail sounds awesome, too.

Of course, the second most popular search term is “Mother’s Day Teddie Bears.” Shouldn’t it come with a pile of chocolate?

Spa and Relaxation

There is a point in your life where you have to acknowledge and understand what your mom must have gone through trying to raise you. All those moments when she told you that you would understand when you were older, suddenly become a part of your adult reality and there’s no denying: Mom was a champ!

I think there’s nothing better to show mom that you understand how exhausting being an adult – much less, a mom – can be, than a gift of relaxation and girly fun: A Spafinder Gift Card


My mom lives in and around big metropolitan areas, so it makes sense for me to get her a gift card and allow her to choose where she wants to go, and what she wants to do. I don’t live near her, but by giving her a gift card we can always schedule our visits at the same time and just FaceTime during our pedi. She also likes to visit me a lot (bless her heart), so she can also save a gift card for when she comes out so we can go together.

If you’re a dad gifting a mom for Mother’s Day, this is also THE WAY TO GO. She can choose to take the girl(s) and have a mother/daughter day, or you can babysit and she can go relax alone or with her lady friends.

On SpaFinder you can look for spas by service, zip code or city to find exactly the kind of thing you’re looking for. They have a huge range of services including anything from massages and facials, to yoga and fitness. They even have alternative healing options such as acupuncture, chiropractic, and Ayurvedic treatments.


I did a search in my area, Las Vegas, and found out that my SpaFinder gift card can be used at one of my favorite places in the city.

The Spa at the Paris Hotel


I have never stayed at Paris, but hubby and I ate the most expensive meal of our lives at the top of the “Eiffel Tower” on the night we decided to get married, after I won over $1100 at slots and was on the natural high of my life. Since then, I’ve grown attached to everything in the hotel and hope to save up enough to stay in it someday soon. The buffet is one of my favorites in Vegas, and the spa is huge with more services in one location than any spa I know.

Check this list!

  • Microdermabrasion
  • Salt Scrub
  • Algae/Seaweed Wrap (yum)
  • Slimming Wrap (woot!)
  • Facials (my favorite options: Acne/Deep Cleansing or Anti-aging)
  • Hair Styling and Care
  • Makeup Instruction/Application
  • Manicures
  • Pedicures

The Paris Spa Massages needed it’s own section, of course. I will take one of each, please!

  • Couples
  • Deep Tissue (yaaaassss)
  • Four Hands
  • Hand/Foot
  • Hot Stone
  • Prenatal/Postnatal
  • Scalp (sigh…)
  • Swedish

Anyway, I think it would be an amazing place for a Las Vegas Spa Day with mom.

As a note, not all of the small handful of reviews for this spa that people bothered to write on the Spafinder website are great. But there are a few that give it raves, and I agree. People like to complain and it’s all just a bunch of snootiness about the ambiance and crowds.

This spa is a lot of fun for groups, and family time. It’s maybe a bit boisterous for couples, although I personally wouldn’t care. The technicians look like they know what they’re doing, and I personally love it for girl-time. Now that I’m blogging I’ll have to get in there with my camera sometime soon. (hint hint, mom)

I should also mention, SpaFinder is having a Mother’s Day Sale and you can really save on gift cards.

Click below to take advantage of the SpaFinder Mother’s Day special, and pay it forward to the blogging community with your purchase. 


Will You Pay It Forward?

I’m interested to know what you think of the idea of contributing to the work-at-home economy by making a conscious effort to purchase through blogs and from small, online retail.

Comment below and let’s keep the discussion going.



12 Replies on “The Work-from-Home Blogger Movement featuring Classic Mothers Day Gifts

  1. Mothers day gift for is just cards, flowers, and bake some cakes. This article is another idea right there. The spa is actually a new great idea ,but that will obviously be within my location and on a good budget. The suggested areas are actually great but it isn’t within my budget to travel any moment from now. But I love the spa idea ,it is an eye opener.

    1. Hey, John. The spafinder card works in hundreds of cities across the U.S. I’m not sure where you live. But in any case, I’m sure you can find an affordable spa in your area for mom. Happy Mother’s Day! 

  2. I could not find a cool gift for a long time and I already bought half of this list including chocolate basket. But in these days my mother is careful about her health so I think I will buy her a fruit basket. Seriously, thank you for suggestions you saved me from further research ; )

    1. Yeah, chocolate used to be the popular one, but I agree that fruit baskets are a preferred option for many moms these days. Thanks for stopping by! 

  3. I love gift baskets, not only receiving them but giving them, that and subscriptions, because there are both available for any taste, hobby or interest.

    Spa treatments are also pretty cool gifts, but I have allergies, and so do a lot of my friends, so we stay away from those as gifts, because they can become dangerous for some of us.

    Love those cake pops!



    1. Oh, I love the idea of gift baskets and subscriptions. There are so many things that could fall under that. Thanks so much, Claudia!

  4. I love the idea of the pay it forward by contributing to work-at-home through blogs and affiliations. If we all help each other out, everyone succeeds. The mothers day Rose/Flowers delivery is nice, something every mom would enjoy. I already got something for my mom this year but great ideas on here for next year.

  5. Dear Jaime,

    These are all really good suggestions! I love the idea of cake pops instead of flowers, you definitely gave me some good ideas for the next mothers day!

    But what I really like, is that you support small businesses with stating that people should simply shop by clicking through a blog! Very enlightening!

    Hope to see great posts like this one in the near future.

    All the best,

    1. Hi, Matteo. I’m glad you liked it and truly appreciate your support of this movement. I look forward to keeping the ideas rolling.  And remember, every day can be mother’s day. 🙂 

  6. This is a excellent concept! “Shop by Blog” ? Gotta be an amazing movement! Everyday is Mother’s Day and taking time to show mom how much you love her is a precious experience every mother appreciates. These gifts are excellent ideas as a gift or two, or three for mom on any day. You can tell mom that you love her all day every day but Seeing is believing! Thanks for sharing these wonderful gift ideas.

    1. Hi, Linda. Thank you so much for your positive feedback. I completely agree with you, these are really gifts for any day, to show mom that we love her.

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