The Healing Benefits of Drinking Tea

The Healing Benefits of Drinking Tea

Many years ago I made the unfortunate discovery that my love for coffee was killing me with migraines. I made the switch to tea and have been mostly coffee-free for the past 10 years. I will occasionally indulge in my favorite decaf caramel macchiato (Starbucks-style), but for the most part I’m a tea girl now.

In making my switch, I was introduced to the many health benefits of drinking tea. A cup of black tea alone is going to have half the caffeine effects a cup of coffee would, and specific teas and tea blends are great as natural health remedies.

My Favorite Teas for Healing

I have about 40 different teas in my cupboard right now. I’m a bit of a collector. But a majority of them have some common themes. These are some of my personal favorites, and also very popular for use by natural healers.

Ginger Tea – Instant nausea relief – great for hormones and pregnancy, and digestion issues in general.

Peppermint Tea – Great for settling the stomach and soothing migraines.

Green Tea – For those who need the caffeine, this one has just enough to brighten you up without taking you down with a migraine later. It’s also full of anti-oxidants, helpful in cell regeneration and overall rejuvenation. My favorite drink at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is a hot green tea with steamed almond milk.

Black Tea – A great way to slowly come down from drinking coffee is to replace one cup a week with black tea, then another and another. Then you can slowly switch to green tea and eventually get through your caffeine withdrawal with less of a migraine. My absolute favorite is English Breakfast, with a bit of milk and honey.

Tea Fanatics

There are some tea lovers who just like trying different, high-quality teas, all different flavors and brands, from different countries all over the world. Similar to win enthusiasts, they are collectors and see it as an art. Perhaps they also collect fancy or fun tea pots. I know a few people who do. I love the idea.

I am a tea fanatic in that I use it to heal everything.

Every ailment, side-effect or symptom can be treated and helped with tea in some way.

If you really want to get into the art of tea for healing, you’ll want to study all the different properties of the hundreds of different types of teas. You’ll find that blending certain properties can enhance their results, and you will want to try and test this out. I know some people who really get into the creative art behind putting together the perfect blend for both flavor and ambiance, and beneficial health properties.

I do not do this, because it is already being done for us by some very great tea companies.

Easier Way to Blend

If you want to take the easy route, the instant healing route, the work really has mostly been done for you by companies that are creating natural blends to address real symptoms.

Some of the best natural tea companies have been taking a symptomatic approach to their teas, which is amazing – something to make your throat feel better, to loosen up your bowels, or even to help suppress appetite. You can find some great teas that do amazing things for you, but unfortunately you can find a lot of frauds.

Blending tea is a healing art form, and takes time and quality.

I like how they do it at Mighty Leaf. It’s not often I’ll go outside of my Amazon Prime Membership for mail order, but I do for this. The reason is that Might Leaf has the most amazing selecting of natural blends, and they are hand-selected, and absolutely do what they are blended to do. Their teas are of the highest quality, and I just utterly love that they now come in tea bags. They are also pretty affordable, especially if you want to be a true connoisseur.

Free Samples with every order


You have probably seen numerous teas that advertise themselves as diet or weight-loss teas. Don’t be fooled. A majority of these contain a lot of caffeine which is a diuretic, just something that is going to make you pee a lot. They’re good for losing water weight and perhaps suppressing your appetite with caffeine energy and nothing more. All this does is dehydrate you and make you avoid the nutrients and food you need for energy. It defeats the purpose of drinking tea for health or to avoid coffee.

There are teas that will absolutely help you lose weight, but they are going to be in the form of a digestive or detox tea.

Whenever you’re making a change to your diet for the better, it’s always helpful to rid yourself of the unhealthy stuff that’s been building up in your system.

Additionally, if you’re not able to digest your food very well, it won’t pass through you and you won’t lose weight. It’s important to be detoxed and regular whenever you are dieting. Drinking tea is an easy way to add these benefits to your weight loss regimen.

A natural detox tea that is getting great reviews right now for making it easier to kick start a diet is Foraging’s 14-Day Morning and Evening Detox Tea, which uses the natural powers of garcinia cambogia and dandelion root to naturally suppress junk food cravings and clean you out. Definitely worth a try at the price, too. I haven’t tried it, but the reviews make my want to.

My favorite tea brand is Traditional Medicinal organic teas, and they have Everyday Detox, which absolutely works for me when I need to detox or even on a regular basis just to keep me fresh.

Traditional Medicinal organic teas are something you’ve probably seen in your grocery store as well. I absolutely LOVE this brand of tea both for the taste and their ability to cure some of my common symptoms naturally. I’ve been drinking them for decades, it seems like.

My top three favorites are:

Smooth Move – For when I feel stopped up (major colon magic)

Throat Coat or Breathe Easy (I like to mix these two) – For sore throats and clearer lungs

Stress Ease – For stress, of course 


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4 Replies on “The Healing Benefits of Drinking Tea

  1. I love drinking tea, it’s perhaps the most refreshing drink to have at any possible Occassion.

    Trying different teas is also part of the fun! I love Turkish flavoured ones which are my favourite:)

    Thankyou for this great article.

    1. I used to love Turkish coffee. They really know how to make a strong brew. I haven’t tried Turkish tea, but I bet it’s equally good. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. I have been off caffeine for about 5 years now but I do have the occasional cup of decaf tea ( just your normal T-bag, lol) I am only 39 and just a few months ago I suffered from a heart attack so I need to do something about my diet, can you suggest any tea that might be good for heart attack patients?

    1. Nothing wrong with a plain old tea bag! So sorry to hear about your heart attack. I can’t really make a “patient recommendation” as I’m not a doctor. But as general health benefits go, white tea is known to be heart healthy and help open up the valves and get things flowing better overall. Hibiscus is also a great caffeine-free way to lower blood pressure.

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