Surviving Two Root Canals with Natural Toothache Relief

Surviving Two Root Canals with Natural Toothache Relief

Let me start by saying I am NOT a dentist. I am not an expert on teeth or medicine having to do with the mouth. That said, I grew up completely drug-free – not a single Tylenol, Pamprin, Aspirin until after I was 30 – and I’ve been through plenty of painful experiences with my mouth that required natural toothache relief.

Sharing is caring and you might be looking for a natural way to cure your toothache, so I thought I’d share my secret:



I have had three root canals in my life and went through two of them without painkillers, not an easy thing to do. But I grew up believing, and still believe, that any chemical I put in my body can be unhealthy. I react strongly to even the most minor of medications and by choosing the natural route I believe I heal faster and with fewer side effects.

Root canal pain is deep, throbbing and continues for quite a while (hours, if not days) once the Novocaine wears off. It’s impossible to sleep through, much less try to work through, and so painkillers are always prescribed unless you refuse them. Which I did.

How did I get through it?

My Secret Tooth Pain Cure

The first time I tried no painkillers after a root canal, someone recommended clove oil or cloves to me. I didn’t have access to clove oil so I put a bunch of cloves in a napkin and sucked on it. The second time I actually used clove oil, and I have since administered many sachets with combination of ground cloves and clove oil.

The cloves themselves are very effective, and the sachet with ground cloves offers better comfort and absorption. Make sure you change it out every few hours or so for effectiveness, and to avoid infection.

Cloves are very strong and somewhat spicy, and they have a numbing effect on your gums, much like Anbesol (a not-so-natural numbing agent that also works) or even somewhat similar to Novocaine.


Keeping a saliva-soaked sachet of whole cloves in my mouth allowed the oil in the clove to spread over my gums and help numb the pain. I looked like a chipmunk and kept drooling everywhere, but it was totally worth it.

With the clove oil it was much simpler as I just kept reapplying it every couple hours and my gums stayed pretty numb. It’s not as 100% as a painkiller, but it makes the pain manageable and I was able to both do minor work and sleep soundly the very same day as my surgery. I prefer the sachet when I sleep because it provides more consistent pain relief, and I don’t particularly care how I look when I sleep. Just make sure it’s not too small that you’d choke on it.

If cloves or clove oil are too strong for you, I would also recommend Tea Tree Oil as it’s a very popular natural healing numbing agent. I used it on my scalp or dry skin for that purpose. I prefer clove oil for my mouth as it is actually edible in small amounts, but I’ve heard others have had success with Tea Tree in the same way.

What is your go-to natural toothache remedy?

Comments welcome and appreciated!

6 Replies on “Surviving Two Root Canals with Natural Toothache Relief

  1. Hi Jaime, Love this information! I know someone that uses clove oil and swears by it too, so kudos on that. I think it is great that you don’t use drugs or chemicals to help you through painful situations. I will certainly keep this tidbit of knowledge in my head for when I have dental pains.
    Thank You, Jay

    1. Thanks, Jay. I truly hope you don’t run into the need, but if you ever do come back and check out the comments and see if we’ve dug up any more natural remedies here.

  2. Amazing guide. It’s interesting how much cloves and clove oil helps with the pain. And don’t feel bad about not wanting to put harmful chemicals in your body, my aunt has avoided doing it almost her entire life and continues to do so. She never gets sick it’s really amazing what it can do.

    1. It’s so true, Brandon! We’re all so used to just putting whatever we’re told into our bodies to overcome various symptoms, we don’t always stop to check the long-term effects. I’ve found it much simpler just to live with natural healing.

  3. Hi, I found this article to be useful and very informative. I learned something new today. I never knew that a person could go through dental pain with pain killers. That is awesome.

    I know toothache can be very painful. I haven’t gotten many lately but, I use to get some every now and then. So, one time. I was pregnant and with a toothache and in the worst pain of my life. At least that is what it felt like. I was told to use Vanilla extract.

    At first, I thought they were joking and I did not have time for jokes at that time but, come to find out the vanilla extract did work. I had to keep replying it though like every so many hours.

    I have never heard of clove oil but one other time so, this is the second time that I heard clove oil works for a tooth ache. It has to really work. Thanks for sharing …

    1. Thanks for sharing, Lakisha! Vanilla extract is a great tooth pain solution. Real vanilla extract is actually alcohol, and it’s the alcohol that has the numbing effect. The vanilla makes it sweet to taste, too. You could also use straight up rum or vodka, I suppose. It’s always nice to know we have something in the cupboard to numb whatever tooth pain pops up.

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