Spoonie Costumes Inspired by Etsy

Okay, okay I know it’s still August.

Again, these decorations out there have me triggered. Please don’t be mad at me.

Also, if you’re a spoonie you probably need to dump a sprinkle from your spoon each day to prepare and plan for any Halloween adventures or costumes.

I personally will be sitting at home and handing out candy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to look fun and on-point. I haven’t decided yet if I will do DIY, but these costumes on Etsy have me thinking otherwise.

Quick medical update (in case you don’t follow my Insta): I finally gave in and took my anti-seizure medication because the electric shocks in my brain were getting bad again and I feared another TIA (mini seizure episode) which can lead to stroke. It is not making me feel all myself, but at least the electricity is subsiding.

My insurance has twice now rejected the MRI with contrast, but I just saw a new pain specialist who says he can get it pushed through. I’m still waiting for the follow up on my cervical MRI to eliminate the MS so we can decide if we’re sticking with the Fibromyalgia diagnosis.

As much as I don’t want them to find anything, I also don’t want this to be a permanent way of life. But sometimes you just have to accept your current lot, let go of the past, and move forward.**

So I’m doing something fun and shopping for you today!

Spoonie Costumes Inspired by Etsy

I found all of my favorite Halloween spoonie costume ideas on Etsy to provide a little eye candy and help us get a headstart on my favorite holiday of the year – when you can pretend to be whatever you want and no one thinks you’re cray cray.

I figured we needed stuff that is easy but still unique and fun – as always I try to find affordable but if it’s really unique I can’t NOT feature it for what inspiration it might provide.

As always, if you click any of the links below I may receive a commission (at no cost to you) if you make a purchase on the Etsy website.

Let me know what your favorite is in the comments at the end and whether you plan to go DIY or buy a costume this year.

Adult Onsie

If you are thinking that the perfect spoonie costume has to be a super plush onsie of your favorite character or animal, then I don’t want to disappoint.

This is also the kind of costume I dream to wear daily – starting to collect.

In all the world of the internet, RnMoMo on Etsy seems to have the biggest collection (152 different styles) of the most adorable onsies, including some of my favorites:

They also do kids rompers if you need to do a family theme….super easy, eh?

baby cow costume

The Easy-T

Of course nothing is easier than putting on a t-shirt and having it be your costume, but you still want to be cute and fun. These are some t-shirt costumes I found on Etsy that I’ve honestly never seen before. I give props for creativity.

Click the photos to see them on Etsy.

For Couples

This is the cutest idea from New Earth Design Co.

easy couples costume

For Moms

PopBrilliant knows how to make a good Mom costume.

Easy Mom costume



I love this idea by 7ate9 Apparel.

witch costumer t-shirt


Dialing it In Buttons

There is no doubt that some of us spoonies might actually be completely holed up on Halloween with no plans to leave the couch, or the bed for some.

But the least you can do is share a picture on social media wearing your dialing-it-in Halloween costume button.

It always makes me feel better to participate in the world every once in a while and especially on holidays.

Some of these faux-costumes are as inexpensive as $2.

I’m considering “This is my SPOONIE costume,” with one of these custom buttons by Little Hiker Bird.  What do you think?

this is my costume buttons


Go As a Spoonie

Kind of a joke, but not because I absolutely love these jumpsuits by Badinka.

They are kind of on the expensive side but clearly high quality, and a super creative way to show how you feel from the inside out with whatever spoonie illness you may be suffering.

Glow in the Dark Insomnia Pics


One Too Many Surgeries “Bride of Frankenstein”
(Endo anyone?)


Feeling Like a Melting Zombie
(All spoonies can relate – I love this)


Speaking of Creative – DIY Fun from the Couch

I don’t know if you’ve been watching NBC’s Making It on Tuesday nights, but I happen to be a pretty hardcore Parks & Rec fan and they have Nick Offerman and Amy Pohler hosting.

If you haven’t seen it, you should at least check out the crafts that people on the show have been making for the competition. It’s kind of spectacular, and it’s all featured on Etsy here: Making It: Home Sweet Home

Don’t forget to tell me what your plans are for Halloween!

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