Healthy Snacks for Adults

Healthy Snacks for Adults

Adulting is hard.

Healthy snacking is hard, too.

Obvious Choices

Of course, the best healthy snacks for adults are going to be in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables. Carrot sticks, celery sticks, grapes, bananas….these are all the most obviously healthy snacks for adults.

But fruits and vegetables go bad, so it can be hard to have them around all the time.

Keeping a banana in your purse might get a little smelly and uncomfortable after a few days.

It can also get kind of boring eating plain fruits and veggies all the time.

So I’ve scoured the Net, and taken some advice from my healthy friends’ kitchens, to find you the healthiest prepackaged snacks that everyone should have on hand, as well as a list of easy recipes for healthy snacking taylored towards adult tastes.

What is Healthy?

In terms of snacking, healthy can be different for everyone. If you’re on a diet, you are probably looking for something specific that is tailored to your diet.

In this case, we’ve narrowed down our basis for “healthy snacks” to having these qualities:

1. No refined or unnatural sugars

2. All-natural, no chemical preservatives.

3. No or limited bad fats (some fats are good for you, such as those from avocados and raw nuts)

I did not pay attention to calories, as low-calorie options are not necessarily going to be healthy for everyone.

Prepackaged Options

Healthy Snack Recipes

cauliflower buffalo wings
Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

BUFFALO CAULIFLOWER “WINGS” – courtesy of Eating Bird Food


BAKED SWEET POTATO CHIPS – courtesy of A Spicy Perspective

BAKED KALE CHIPS – courtesy of Smitten Kitchen

What Are Your Healthy Snack Choices?

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4 Replies on “Healthy Snacks for Adults

  1. In my opinion, food can be prepared in many different ways to enhance its “attractiveness”. It is true that if I chew on raw veggies and fruits everyday, I would be totally bored by the end of the week. I probably can’t maintain this healthy diet for long before I give up. However, there are ways around this. Instead of eating fresh fruits, sometimes it is good idea to try some dried fruits. I heard somewhere that dried fruits have concentrated nutrients so some dried fruits might be even healthier compared to their fresh counterparts. A good example would be ketchup. It is made of tomatoes, but they have way more lycopene (prevents prostate cancer) compared to tomatoes. Not to mention there is a lot of different milks to explore like almond milk, and soy milk. They are both very delicious. If you ever heard of frozen fruit dessert, we can also turn fruits into ice cream without adding any milk and cream in the first place. What do you think?

    1. I think you’re absolutely spot on! There are definite health benefits to changing up snacking options, and it’s a lot easier for most people to have a variety. I had not heard of health benefits from ketchup, but that’s very interesting. Sorbet is a GREAT idea for another easy snack.

  2. As a college student, I am not the best with food. I am taking a lot of classes this quarter (22 units), so I procrastinate on my meal plans for the day. I shove it off in favor of other priorities, so my diet goes poorly. These all look like good options for me.

    I especially like the delicious kale. That looks like a tasty option. Kale is full of a lot of nutritious vitamins and people often overlook it. With this particular product though, what have people’s experiences with it been? I am very stingy when adding a new food to my meal plan.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

    1. Being on college and trying to eat well can be tough – freshman 10 and all that. I love kale chips as a snacking option! And I specifically chose ones here that has great reviews on taste. Also, the kale chips recipe is really easy to do at home. Thank you for visiting my site and sharing! 

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