Plusheez Pals Make it Easier to Talk About and Appreciate My Failing Uterus

Plusheez Pals Make it Easier to Talk About and Appreciate My Failing Uterus

I was browsing Reddit when I came across an adorable picture of a stuffed uterus with a bandage on it that one girl was using as a mascot to promote her endometriosis condition.

As someone who has dealt with endometriosis since I was 12 years old – now on a daily basis with treatment side-effects – this little doll makes me want to hug and love my uterus, and really takes away some of the stigma of talking about “female problems.”

Much like the vagina hats that were popular during women’s marches last year, similar uterus dolls are gaining popularity, both for comfort and promoting endometriosis awareness.

After seeing this photo, I went on a hunt to see if someone was selling something like this and I found the most amazing Etsy shop that is not only selling it’s own uterus doll, but also has an array of other dolls that represent various body parts and ailments.

Plusheez is a shop created by Marci Hunter, who hails from the UK and makes all her items by hand, and it is a brilliant example for how to do what you love and create an income by helping others.

It has gained a lot of popularity as she fills custom orders and adds them to her inventory of possibilities. She has logged over 7000 sales of her crafts, with over 13000 likes on her creations.

I talked a bit about the idea of using this kind of inspiration and idea as a way to earn an income in my other blog, but I also wanted to feature some of my favorite dolls from Marci’s shop here, because I think they are relative to anyone who is suffering from a less-than-optimal physical condition – or people who want to get gifts for someone who suffers.

I mean, what a great gift idea to promote awareness and help comfort someone who is suffering. I know that sounds macabre – but the truth is, I’m sure people have wondered what to get someone who is either dying or having an operation or major procedure.

The fall-back is always flowers, but this particular idea, especially for promoting awareness, really hits home for me.

The 12-year-old girl in my past, who suffered severe cramps and bleeding, but didn’t understand and couldn’t talk about it, wants a uterus doll to hug.

Specifically for the uterus doll, I’d like to make this something that all women carry in the next Worldwide Endo March (March 2019).

I’m thinking on designing and creating my own version for Endo Awareness Month, and I encourage anyone to share links to their own endo doll photos in the comments below. I’d love to see them.

More than endometriosis, I think this doll can be used to support infertility and other female reproductive issues and concerns. Let’s not wait for our very own Handmaid’s Tale to get together and do something about this and find some answers.

The fight is not over until we have a way to easily diagnose endometriosis and other female reproductive issues, and of course cure it.

Please enjoy this display of some of my favorite dolls from Plusheez – and feel free to click on the links above each photo to be directed to Etsy to purchase.

I have organized them by specific ailments – but I’ve also included some that are just plain cute, because I want to support this woman’s efforts.

Realize that she does make these custom, and she lives in the UK, so it can take time before you get your doll.

If there is anything we need in the Endometriosis Awareness front, it’s something that makes it easier for us to talk about female body parts – and I think these Plusheez dolls do the trick.

Plusheez Body Part Dolls

Uterus Love Plushie

Of course, this is the one that I absolutely love. It’s a perfect gift for anyone suffering any disorder relating to reproductive organs – women having fertility issues, endometriosis, and so on.

I think even just looking at this little chick is enough to make me smile.

Uterus plushie / plush soft toy / kawaii womb handmade organs

Uterus Devil Plushie

And then there’s the dark humor side that I think most women can relate to anyway.

Devil Uterus plushie

Happy Breast Plushie

We all need to be a little more familiar with our breasts. Would this help you get over giving yourself a breast exam?

Breast plush toy / pillow / comfort cushion / kawaii handmade

Breast plush toy / pillow / comfort cushion / kawaii handmade

Thyroid Love and Thyroid Disease Awareness Plushie

Thyroid disease is another thing I deal with in conjunction with the endometriosis (yay, birth control side-effects), and I think this is perfect for thyroid cancer awareness with that little blue ribbon.

Thyroid plushie comfort pillow plush toy kawaii science weird

Colon Love Plushie

If you are an Endo Sister, you probably could tie several of these in with your symptoms. Raise your hand if you were diagnosed with colitis (inflamation of the colon) when you really had endometriosis – I was.

Colon plushie / kawaii comfort pillow

Brain Owie Plushie

Brain plush toy / kawaii pillow

Bladder Owie Plushie

Urinary bladder plushie / organ shaped comfort pillow/ cushion

Lung Love Plushie

Lungs plushee / pillow / cushion / comfort pillow kawaii

Stomach Cancer Awareness Plushie

Stomach cancer awareness plush toy / pillow tummy plushie

Gastric Sleeve Plushie

Gastric Sleeve plushie / kawaii stuffed toy organ stomach

Tummy Owie Plushie

Stomach plush toy / pillow tummy plushie

Brain Cancer Awareness Plushie

Mental health awareness plushie comfort pillow plush toy

Angry Kidney Plushie

Angry Kidney plush toy / comfort pillow / handmade kawaii

Other Plusheez Favorites

Feminine Pad & Tampon Plushie

For that little girl starting her period way too early and feeling a little awkward about it – or maybe even for physical education in school, or ObGyns and pediatricians who have preteen girl patients – these are awesome.

Listen up, moms – At 11-years-old, something like this would have been a nice way to approach talking about a subject that I wanted to get nowhere near.

Feminine Pad & Tampon plush toy / novelty gift / kawaii

Meownicorn Plushie

It’s a cat crossed with a unicorn – is there anything more awesome than that?

Meownicorn plushie handmade stuffed animal kawaii mewnicorn

Grumpy Monster Plushie

I don’t know if she created this creature, or it was a custom order, but it is AMAZING. I think it would do a lot to cheer up a little kid – similar to that Care Bear with the rain cloud or Grumpy the dwarf.

Grumpy Monster plush toy novelty soft ty softie plushie

Sushi Cat Plushie

Something about the name “Sushi Cat” just totally gets me. This one comes in three separate pieces – salmon, kitten “rice,” and a seaweed band.

Sushi cat plushie handmade pillow meow kitty food maki tuna

Peas in a Pod Plushie

Peas in a pod kawaii plushie pillow cushion handmade in

Purrmaid Plushie

Purrmaid soft plush toy plushie pillow cushion novelty cat

Special Mentions

Dill Pickle Plushie

Pizza Kitty Slice Plushie

Waffle (with butter and syrup) Plushie

Avocato Plushie

CATctus Plushie

Plusheez also takes custom orders. Yay!

What is your favorite featured doll by Plusheez?

Please comment!

4 Replies on “Plusheez Pals Make it Easier to Talk About and Appreciate My Failing Uterus

  1. Wonderful topic, very good idea as someone fall sick every day, every minute. I would love to see more pictures of some of the dolls that were created for someone with a health issue. Maybe the most popular ones. I didn’t understand why you have links of food dolls and other folks I thought it was just about ideals for people with health issues.

    1. Hi, Alisia. Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to share your feedback. I can definitely see how it would confuse you that I included the “non medical” ones. Perhaps I’ll scale it down. I really just like all of her dolls and wanted to share some of my favorites aside from JUST the health stuff. But you have truly been heard and I really do appreciate this. Best, Jaime

  2. Hi Jaime,

    These are adorable and I can relate to so many of these issues! I think this is a great idea and I am so glad you are sharing them. I was one of those early period, in tons of pain and PMS problems and never knew what to do about it girls.


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