Pharmaceutical Drug Side Effects – Is It Worth It?

Pharmaceutical Drug Side Effects – Is It Worth It?

Pretty much everyone who has been to a doctor has been handed a prescription and thought to themselves, “What is this and should I take it?”

We turn to Google and try to muddle through all the different reviews on the drug in question. Even if you ask your doctor, they will only tell you they recommend this drug to help with whatever problem you have, but they’re not necessarily saying it’s an actual cure for your illness. They just have a list of symptoms and the drugs that are said to address them. Ultimately what you put in your body is your decision and the consequences will also be yours.

I have had some experiences with prescriptions that have me believing some doctors may be leaning on prescriptions as a means to address symptoms and get by, instead of truly digging in to find the source of the problem. I am 100% positive that my symptoms get worse the more I add to my pharmaceutical cocktail.

These days a new drug comes onto the market almost daily it seems. Drug companies are, after all, a money-making empire that is only fed further in America by our continued ignorance and bad health habits. Why else do we see ridiculous commercials about drugs that go on and on listing nasty side effect after nasty side effect….diarrhea, vomiting, insomnia, reduced, appetite, sleep walking, depression, suicidal thoughts, homicidal tendencies…..and yet still think because our doctor gave it to us it’s okay to just take.

We’re so desperate for a cure to our illness, we don’t stop to take a look at what unhealthy habits we have that might be causing it in the first place.

Some pharmaceuticals are truly life-saving and people can’t live without them, but a lot of them come with a slew of side effects that might leave you wondering – Is it worth it? The question I’ve been brought to ask myself is, “What’s worse?” Is the pain I’m going through enough to warrant trying something that may make it worse if it possibly cures it? I don’t think this is a great question unless you’re dealing with something life-threatening. I think a better question might be, “What is the sources of my pain and what will fix it?”

I had to make a decision like this and the result was disastrous. I have been suffering from chronic pain for years that I’ve tried to get to the bottom of. I finally had a diagnosis, but the only solution proposed involved a synthetic hormone injection. Some people in a lab created something that supposedly helped people with my situation. According to my doctor, he knew of no other options. So I decided the pain was too much and took a chance. And it almost killed me.

My symptoms ended up increasing by 100X in addition to a multitude of other symptoms that just piled on. I went back to the doctor for help and explained my new symptoms. I went home with three more prescriptions. I ended up taking one of them because I literally thought I was going to die from a migraine I was having and I was trying to avoid the emergency room.

The additional drug took the edge off my migraines, which was a relief, but then it put me into a moody fog that is pretty indescribable. Within a week I was thinking, “This (life) is absolutely not worth it.” I found myself Googling to find out how much of this drug I’d have to take to just kill myself and end it all. A little voice inside me reminded me that wasn’t my personal goal. So I stopped the prescriptions and felt better within days. My migraines came back, but at least I didn’t want to die.

This experience has me wondering why I am paying so much for health insurance and doctors. Have we bought into a medial system here in the U.S. that is just intended to line the pockets of the big pharmaceutical companies? Is that why all the naturopaths are out of my network? Unfortunately, I think that’s the truth.

I do have to say that medical diagnosis has been key in locating my endometriosis and thyroid failure. I’m just not sure the meds prescribed are the answer. In fact, I’m positive they are not because they’ve solved very little for me.

With the increase of medical conditions in this country, I think we need to take a really good look at our medical system and our lack of focus on healthy eating and lifestyle as a cure for our ailments.

Let’s start by refusing to just take whatever we’re given without understanding it. Let’s get to the source of our illnesses and symptoms and let’s demand real treatment. Why should I pay over $100 to visit my doctor and receive further symptoms in the form of a pill just so someone rich can get richer?

Why should anyone? It’s not worth it.

I’ll be starting with a complete cleanse and trying to just reset my health through food healing. I want my engine to run well, I’m going to start with fueling it properly. I’d rather struggle through that than be dead.

Let’s say no to drugs for now and work together to find the things that heal us


While I may have had the ability and awareness to see that a drug I was taking was leading to my depression, not everyone who takes prescription drugs can tell this is what is happening and acknowledge that it’s the drug and not them. Additionally, I was on a very low dose that I’d been taking for just a week so it was okay for me to just stop it and monitor myself.

If you find yourself having depressing thoughts or thoughts of self-harm, tell someone and get help.

If you are suffering similarly, don’t just stop taking your drug because it’s what I did. Coming off of a psychotropic can be just as devastating to your mood if you don’t know what is going on. Get help first. And maybe a second opinion from a doctor not under the thumb of big-pharma.

In the meantime, try some alternative natural options for relief from your symptoms.

Get a Discussion Going

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on pharmaceutical drug practices. How have you been affected? Please share in the comments below.

2 Replies on “Pharmaceutical Drug Side Effects – Is It Worth It?

  1. Good Morning Jaime,

    Thank God I live drug-free and am healthy. I am now more healthy than, let’s say, 30 years ago.
    I have been through my own food/health evolution and with trial and error, I have arrived where I am now. I stay away from Big Pharma as I am convinced that they do not have our well being in mind at all. They are interested in keeping us sick as only then we will make them earn money, big money.
    The same applies to the food industry, commercials brainwash us into thinking some new product is healthy. In general, it is just the opposite. All the hidden additives, sugars, bad fats etc. will make us crave for more with disastrous effects on our health.
    I try to eat as close to nature/organic as possible and that is why, at the age of 67, I feel great.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Hi, Taetske! It’s always refreshing to meet someone who feels the way I do about big pharma and processed foods. I don’t know what it will take to shift the balance of wealth away, but the least we can do is just say no. You give me something to look forward to with age. Thank you so much for visiting and sharing your positivity. Love, Jaime

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