My Favorite Online Fashion Destinations

Ever since I started working for Nordstrom (even in the cafe) my interest in fashion has grown.

Previous to that, I was upset by the idea that it mattered what we look like and how we dress. I felt the rules were ridiculous and people were so judgmental. But I’ve learned a lot over several years of helping people shop in high-end retail, and I kind of get it now.

I’ve always loved fashion magazines just because some of the designs are so interesting and fun. I think it’s more that I couldn’t afford what I was seeing in the magazines that made fashion seem so exclusive. But then I got heavy into the creative side watching Project Runway, and reading Marie Claire. There is truly an empowering side to fashion that doesn’t have to reserve judgment in a negative way.

I have chosen to make fashion about communicating who I am and what I’m all about. I want people to look and wonder. I love clothing compliments, too. And when you dress a certain way, you can actually feel better about yourself.

Fashion is a sort of therapy for me now, although I can’t afford a lot of the high end stuff. I do shop a lot of second hand, particularly through Poshmark and Amazon, since I have online stores in both locations. But there are also some great boutiques online that have really good prices for amazing style.

This page is reserved to feature some of my favorite online fashion items and destinations, sometimes featuring specific looks or items I would or do wear. As always, if you click anything below you will be redirected to the retailer that sells the product. If you make a purchase I will get a super tiny commission (Thank You!), but your cost won’t be affected. In fact, I’m often able to offer deals if you go through the links on my website.

Happy shopping!

UIN Painted Slip-On Shoes

The UIN painted slip-on shoes, exclusive to Amazon, are my absolute favorites. I only have one pair (totally wearing down), but I hope to keep collecting them. I try wait for them to go on sale, but man that doesn’t really happen much. They are already a pretty great price for the quality.

What I love best about these is the comfort, and how unique they are. You can’t get them anywhere else. They come in Men’s, Women’s, and Kid’s designs.

Here are some of my favorites, you really should click on the images to get a better view of the shoe image, these are just the images Amazon provided to me:

for my mom, who loves her some penguins.

for cat lovers, of course.

so pretty.

is there a better way to celebrate the 4th of July?

for the most comfortable walking you will ever know.

suprise, surprise…these are a Men’s style shoe. LOVE THEM!

and these are for women…still super cute.

one side says, “DON’T HATE” and the other side is a picture of Pee Wee Herman. Not lying.

click here to see all UIN styles.

Lucky & Co


Plus Size Fashion Sitewide Discount

Dress Lily

Swimwear Best Sellers and New Arrivals On Sale



Women’s Suits

Spring Collection - Coupon Code: SPRING2018

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Please check back in for more updates on my fashion recommendations.

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