Make Some Fast Easy Cash for the Holidays by Simply Sharing an App

I am not usually into sharing (aka “spamming”) my friends with recommended apps or multi-level marketing gigs, that’s why I started my Be Your Own Boss blog – so I wouldn’t have to be THAT person annoying everyone on social media.

But a friend of mine just shared a legitimate opportunity to make some fast easy cash in the next week and I think we could all benefit from that – I’ve already made $40 just sharing on Facebook.

Since I know how much my spoonie friends are hurting for money from not being able to work, I wanted to spread the word so we can all help each other out for the holidays.

The super popular cash back app, Dosh, is giving $10 for every referral that downloads their app and connects a debit or credit card to their account.

fast easy cash

They did this promo last year and I know a few people who made at least $100 just getting 10 friends to sign up, and one friend of mine really worked it and made over $1000 just by sharing on social media.

No one even has to use the app – although I’ve dived into it a bit and found I may earn some extra cash back with some of my grocery purchases for Thanksgiving.

I’m sure you know a lot of friends who need the cash and would be willing to download an app and sign up quickly – it literally takes about 30 seconds.

The best method I’ve seen for sharing is a simple post like the ones below, having friends drop an emoji or word in the comments, and then sending them a direct message with the details and the link.

Even if you only get a few people from your family to sign up, that’s $30 extra dollars (plus a $5 bonus for connecting your card to the app) – but the deadline is 11/21 (the day before Thanksgiving), so download now and get sharing!


Dosh Referrals

Best of luck getting that extra cash for the holidays!

I’d love to hear of any other similar gigs going on this holiday. Comment below if you have any easy cash ideas and let me know what you think of Dosh.

29 Replies on “Make Some Fast Easy Cash for the Holidays by Simply Sharing an App

  1. Does it not sound really suspicious sharing Dosh like this on social media? I see a lot of people post their opportunities on social media and it rubs a lot of people the wrong way.

    Wouldn’t it be better to promote this on email? I know a lot of people still read their email whereas not everyone in your network sees your post.

    1. Hey, Jessie. I can definitely see your point. I guess it depends on how you usually share with your friends. I personally never email my friends and only use that for business stuff. If you are sending it to people you don’t know, like an email list, that’s something else. This is just something I watched my friends pass around last year and decided to jump in on this year. Not everyone wants to do it, but I got enough people to make it worthwhile. 

  2. Thank you for this greatlittle money making idea. It seems ike such a simple way to make money quickly. I will definitely be giving it a try and just hope that I can find enough people to refer so that I can make some good money. I like your tipe for spreading the word and I will give that a try. Thanks again.

    1. Hi, Chris. Happy to share and hopefully you have at least a few people who will help you out with it. Wishing you the best on getting that extra money for the holidays! 

  3. I have heard of Dosh before it does look like an interesting little app to make some quick money if you can get people to actually sign up. I do agree with you though at the beginning when you mentioned you don’t like spamming friends and family, with apps or mlm gigs since it can get annoying.

    For every referral $10 really isn’t bad at all plus an extra $5 for putting  your credit card info in. Like you mentioned if you really actually work it a lot you can make some decent pocket change to spend for Christmas. 

    1. Hi, Matt. Yeah, it definitely is a matter of “if you can get people to sign up” as far as really making money goes. This was just a fast cash sort of deal for the holidays since they boosted the amount per referral. It seems almost anyone could at least make $25 bucks from it no problem – and then the bigger sharers have an opportunity to do more. I like blogging and Instagram – so not really a social media sharer, but some of my friends did appreciate this tip. 

      1. I totally agree it is a great share and I do thank you for the information about Dosh like you said you can make a quick few bucks from it.

        I might give it look since I have always believed everything happens for a reason so if I see something more than once I see it as a sign I should give it a try you know?

        I hope all is well,


  4. Hi Jaime,

    Thanks a lot for sharing this information with us. This is a great way of making some cash online simply by sharing this app with friends. It really sounds good. I’m going to sign up now and also see if i can refer others to this app before the deadline date, perhaps i could make some few bugs out of it. 

    But my question is, will you still make the $10 cash for the referral even if they download the app and don’t connect their debit or credit card to it? Please let me know about this. Thanks a lot.


    1. Hi, Stephen. I hope you are successful in making some extra money for the holidays with this. They do have to actually connect a card for you to get the bonus. I know not everyone likes doing that, but it is a very safe app that people have been using for years without security issues. Also, if they connect their card they will get a $5 bonus to start with.

  5. Only a few days left and I’m happy I found it when I did! I will definitely need to try this app out! Are there any limits to the amount of people you can get to sign up? How much cash did you make with this app, Jamie? I’m really interested in learning more about it!

    1. Right?! I’m happy, too. There’s never a bad time to make a bit of extra cash. So far this year I’ve gotten 14 friends referred and several more wanting to do it. It’s easy money.

  6. I’m in! I’ve never heard of Dosh but I’m always looking for ways to make a little extra money here and there. Really helps our family in the long run. Plus Black Friday is coming up and a couple extra bucks means more for me! Lol  do you know of any other apps or even surveys that may help with a little side hustling?

    1. Yay! Yeah, I hadn’t heard of it until a friend referred me. It’s gaining popularity now, I’m guessing because of this brief holiday promotion. It also has me wanting to find more similar apps and promotions. I’ll have to keep you posted. I did see that eBates is doing 5% cashback for all Amazon shopping if you happen to shop there. I know they are the most well known of the cashback apps. 

  7. Wow! This is cool, and so timely with the holidays coming up! I have never used this type of app before. How exactly does Dosh work? 

    And does the money you get from referrals end up in the app? Or how does the money get to you once you have gotten referrals? Thanks again for the article!

    1. Hi, Kory. It really is great timing isn’t it? I thought that when they did it last year, too. Basically it shows you what local or online retailers (shops and restaurants) will offer you a percentage of cash back to shop there. You connect up whatever debit or credit card you use to shop and it automatically collects your cashback for you. 

      With this promotion, you don’t even have to do any of that, you just connect you card for the first $5 and then get referrals to do the same for $10 each until 11/21. Then you can take or leave the app – but I may use it to shop at my local grocery and get 20% back for Thanksgiving dinner shopping. 

      The money goes into the app immediately when you earn it and you can transfer it straight into your bank account – it wires it instantly and then it just takes a day or so to clear, depending on your bank. You do have to have $25 minimally to be able to cash out – but like I said in the article, that’s just two people referred so easy money. Best Wishes! 

  8. Hello,

       Thanks for sharing information on this app.  I did something similar recently with the Cash App from Square.  It has a similar offering.  It’s a bit more involved, sign up, add your account send money, get someone else to send money, etc. but I don’t think it has a limit as to how many people or having to do it in x days (don’t quote me on that as it’s been a little while).

    I’ll have to check this Dosh option out as it seems a bit easier and might be a way to make a quick buck.

    Thank you!

    1. Wow, yeah that does sound a bit more complicated. This is really just a holiday promo they do – generally it’s a cash back shopping app but you don’t have to use it to get the money for these referrals. Sign-up took me 30 seconds and then another 30 to connect my card. And the payment was immediate and easy to transfer to my account once I hit $25. I could delete the app and wait until holiday next year. It’s just some extra gift money. 

  9. Hi

    Thank you for sharing this post it sound like a lot of people could be making their Christmas money. lol

    This may fit more to they younger crowd.  This is also a good way for new app designers to information gather and build a list.  just my thought.

    Also good on you for jumping on board and making money.  I know that if I started sharing this with my followers I would seriously reduce my followers, because they really do not like things like this.  If not i would have jumped on it just like yourself.

    Many thanks and all the best to you.


    1. Hi, Jennifer. I’m not sure what a “younger crowd” would mean. I’m not a millenial myself – but I definitely understand there are people who don’t love this sort of thing. A lot of people I connect with online are actually in the chronic illness community and are forced to find alternative ways to make ends meet because we can’t hold down a typical job due to our physical limitations. Also, a lot of stay-at-home-moms. That’s who really seems to be responding to this. Best to you, too! 

  10. Can one really make any kind of real money?  I’ve tried all those ‘get paid to do surveys’ things, and now I’m skittish to try anything.

    BTW I noticed you use AdSense…do you like it??  I had it but didn’t like how it placed adds smack dab anywhere on my site.

    Thanks for the info,Laura

    1. Hi, Laura. This isn’t a way to make “real money” as you put it, but it does add up for those of use who work at home. For example, my Dosh has offers for 20% back every time I shop at Walmart up to $20. Well, I happen to get my groceries there once a week and after I shop I get $20 deposited in my app. It adds up and it’s nice to have that little pot to dip into when I need some extra money. 

      I totally know what you mean about the placement with AdSense. I’m still working trial and error between the design of my theme and where they place the ads. I found I do have to take out some of the auto-ads that are in feed to keep it from getting too crazy. That said, when I post longer articles and pieces I do notice a nice little boost in AdSense. I imagine if you get high enough traffic it could be worthwhile, but I think Affiliates are more profitable so I may take AdSense down to improve the look of my site. Up in the air. 🙂 

  11. Jaimie, thank you.  This Dosh-sharing thing does sound like a very low-key way to earn a few bucks.  I think my major problem with it is that I only use my Facebook account for personal stuff and this feels a little bit too…I’m not quite sure how to word it — mercenary, maybe….

    Perhaps it would be more appealing if I knew what Dosh did for my friends.  (Okay, so I get money.  What value have I exchanged for it?)  The chance for them to help me earn ten bucks by giving somebody else their credit card information rings no bells for me.  What do THEY get?

    1. Hi, Netta. I totally get what you’re saying. I, too, do not share things like this often on my personal Facebook account. But I know my friends are looking for a way to make some extra money for Christmas presents, too. I am personally only promoting the fact that they are running a promo and my friends can earn some extra money if we all help each other out by signing up. You’re basically sharing the opportunity for them to help you get $10 and then share your success with their friends so they can get some money, too. 

      If you want to share the pros of the app itself, especially this time of year when people are about to do a bunch of shopping for Black Friday the opportunity to get a percentage of everything you spend back is huge. That’s what Dosh actually does for you – gives you offers, tracks your purchases, and automatically pays you after you shop.  

  12. Hello Jaime. This seems like a really cool and easy way to make some money this period just by sharing an app. Cool I think. I just checked the app in the app store. I think it is a legitimate app because they offer real services. I will give it a try. How do I withdraw my money? What are the payment methods?

    1. Hi, Beazzy. It definitely is legitimate, it’s been around a few years and has 4.7 stars on Apple Apps. You can enter bank account information for it to wire transfer or you can connect it to your Paypal account and receive payments that way. 

  13. Hi

    I agree, every dollar can help for the festive season. This looks like a nice idea to make quick bucks on the sideline and to maybe make a few hundred really sounds appealing. Ten dollar for every referral is actually quite good if you compare to other apps where you barely make a dollar per one referral.

    Thank you for the recommendation, but why is there a dealine?

    1. Sorry if it wasn’t clear, this is just a holiday promo. This app normally doesn’t offer that much money, but they’re doing it before Black Friday because they assume people then might use the app for the cashback offers when they shop. Whether you will use the app or not, sharing it around for these next several days is a great way to get some extra shopping money for the holidays – and then you can take or leave the app. 

  14. Hey Jaime

    I am always looking for ways make extra income .I have heard of people making money with apps That is why I am thinking.I might try that Dosh app and see if I can make some fast cash to use for these holidays.You say all I got to do is share that dosh app I think that is cool.

    Thanks alot 

    1. Hey, Freddie! I’m glad I found something you hadn’t heard of. Share it and get your friends to sign up and connect their cards for a $5 bonus. I wish you the best with your money making. 

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