Jaime Talks Ingrid Goes West

Jaime Talks Ingrid Goes West

My husband has been a fan of Aubrey Plaza since she first showed up on Parks and Rec, so it didn’t surprise me at all when he decided we should watch Ingrid Goes West on our couples movie night. What a great find!

I laughed, I cried, and I learned so much about myself and my friends. It’s kind of scary.

Check out the trailer, then read on for my take on this…thriller?

I was really surprised to absolutely love this movie. There’s not a huge cast of award winning actors, but Aubrey Plaza is perfectly weird as an obsessed Instagram stalker, and any screen time taken up by O’Shea Jackson Jr. is gold in my book (swoon). Elizabeth Olsen doesn’t do anything special for me in this, but I can see why she’d be picked to play Little Miss Perfect on Instagram – the girl we all want to follow.

The real reasons to watch this movie are the oddly cryptic and yet straight-forward comments the movie offers on society’s obsession with promoting perfection through social media, and the lies we tell in order to make ourselves seem perfect to gain popularity.

It’s hard to know for sure whether Ingrid is a crazed, lunatic stalker or if she truly represents all of us in our attempt to be liked and admired through social media. There are a few moments where her actions make me take a look at my own and wonder how far off we’re getting as a society through social media.

Another poignant part of the message is based in the idea that we’re all lying to ourselves and each other on Instagram and Facebook. 

We show pictures of the amazing food we eat, but how many photos do you ever see of unwashed dishes. Am I really supposed to believe that none of my friends have a sh**-show at home like I do? Then again, I can’t recall the last time I took a picture without hiding my stained carpet – because no one has stained carpets except me, right?

In talking to my mom on the subject, she made an important comment on the fact that most people don’t want to share negativity. It’s not that we’re hiding, we’re trying to share and represent what is positive.

I don’t necessarily disagree with that, but I do still have questions about the demand for perfection and our inability to be honest at least with our close friends and family.

I think this movie is more than just entertainment. It’s a lesson in creating true and honest interaction with one another as human beings. 

And for that reason alone it makes the top of my Worth Watching List with five stars.

Rotten tomatoes and IMBD have given it 4 stars based on watchers votes.

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There are only two ways you can currently watch this movie legally. (I don’t support boot legging because artists deserve to get paid for their work.)

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  1. I love watching movies but I never saw this one before. I will try to make a point to look it up to watch. It sounds interesting. Thanks.

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