How-to “Kitten Shower” for New Cat Moms

If you are looking for how to throw a kitten-themed baby shower for a human person that is pregnant, you may not find what you need here. But please, at least scroll through and comment at the bottom if that was what you are looking for and perhaps I’ll get enough votes to write about it.

This is a post for new cat moms who wish to throw a baby shower for their upcoming kitten. I don’t know what else to call it but a Kitten Shower. Am I right?

1. Deciding when to have a kitten.

If you have not been informed by the stork or some happenstance of fate that a kitten will be entering your life, you have an opportunity to prepare for the event.

But how do you decide if now is the right time for you to have a kitten? Here is a question you can ask yourself to help you make that determination:

Can you resist that face?


So you’ve decided to have a kitten. Yay!

Let’s throw a kitten shower!

2. Pick out the perfect personalized invitations.

You may have to specify for your designer that you want a baby shower invite for your new kitten – apparently these aren’t in too much demand. But here are some great card designers from Etsy who are up to the task. Don’t you think

(Hint: click the photos below to see them on Etsy. Prices are as currently listed, subject to change.)



Order your invitations and ensure you include a note about where you are going to be registered.

3. Fill in your gift registry.

You can fill in a baby registry on any website that carries pet stuff, just use the date that you are intending on picking up your pet as the “birth date” – or you can use the date of your party.

There are also specific websites dedicated to creating pet gift registries, if you’d like to look that up. I haven’t tried any and don’t know how great they are. Most look like they just have expensive gifts.

I would recommend registering on Amazon, simply because most people these days have an Amazon Prime account, and they have the widest possible selection so you can get things you really need and want, not just stupid knick-knacks.

You can probably just create a wish list and call it “kitten shower” or something appropriate. If you really need to sublimate motherhood, you can go all in and do the baby registry, but realize you’ll start getting baby promos and samples – not pet products.

Kitten Shower Gift Recommendations

There are some items that every cat owner will eventually have. I would recommend putting all of these on a registry.

Listen up, invited guests and pet friends, these are some of the most popular items online that make great gifts, just click the photos to be connected to Amazon for details and pricing. (P.S. I have tried all of these.)

Gag gift. I’d like to see you try.


The secret to daily exercise.


They will love it, just keep it out of the bedroom at night.


For grooming hairy beasts.


The highest rated, self-cleaning, cat box at a fairly decent price.

To keep them from drinking out of faucets and everything but their bowl.


It’s either this or the furniture.


Urine for a surprise.

This will help them stay calm and avoid accidents.

Natural essential oils to keep the fleas out.

Stick to the boxes of treats or you will never be able to eat a bag of chips in peace ever again.

4. Pick up your kitten.

You should know by now (thank you Sarah Mclachlan) that there are starving kittens in your very own neighborhood shelter who need your support.

Don’t get your kittens, cats, or dogs from pet stores. No one should profit from pointless breeding when thousands of animals are put down daily. Unless of course you are into competition of purebreds, that’s a different story.

And please, please don’t get your kittens on Amazon.

You can find local rescue shelters on Pet Finder: click here.

And don’t worry, the shelter will ensure your pet is neutered or spayed (so it can’t continue the overpopulation) and that it’s been medically checked for any diseases, and given the necessary (often legally required) shots. They will give you a bunch of paperwork that you can file under “CAT.”

They will also consult you on diet and litter, but if you want my affordable, yet highly recommended kitty staples, here you go:

This is the absolute best at hiding odor in a small apartment.

Best for the price. Going any cheaper starts to get dangerous to health and they won’t eat it.

My cats love this flavor because it has real fish flakes and pieces of shrimp.

Also, there’s no reason you HAVE to get a kitten. Let fate guide you at the shelter. Maybe an adult cat. Maybe a dog….or even a rabbit.

You never know what love you’ll find hiding under their bed in a cage.


From cat “death row”

…to furrever loved.

5. Decorations and party favors.

More Etsy…. click, click, click…


6. Celebrate your new family member.

Share links to your YouTube videos and Instagram posts of your adopted pet (and hopefully kitten shower) in the comments below. Let’s make #kittenshower or #adoptapet a trend this year.

Quick Quiz!

Have you ever adopted a pet? Story!

If not, why not? Seriously, I’m curious.

Comments bring luck.

2 Replies on “How-to “Kitten Shower” for New Cat Moms

  1. Hey there, wow, as a fellow cat LOVER I must say it is very hard not to just go out and buy it all! You really have some great ideas on there that would make the life of anyone who keeps kittens much more entertaining and easier! Great blog, keep up the great work!
    I would love to see a post just on playing or caring for your kitten from you!

    1. I love meeting fellow cat lovers! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment after reading. I agree, I absolutely love these creative ideas from Etsy store owners. 

      And I think you have a great idea that I post something about playing and caring for my cats. I’m trying to be subtle and really support small business and cat rescue with this post, but I know how entertaining my babies can be, so I’ll definitely consider a new compilation. Thanks for the suggestion! 

      If you want to see more mini stories of my cats in action, you should follow me on Instagram @preshuschef.

      Here’s an introduction to my babies, to start with: Introducing Preshus and Samson, the Best Cat Children Ever

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