Gun Ban, Gun Control, or Are School Shootings a Deeper Issue – Twitter Chimes In

A few weeks ago, I posted the beginning of an article listing and outlining all mass school shootings in the United States. I ran out of ink before I could finish the list, because I didn’t realize how much of an epidemic school shootings in America had become.

I knew it was bad, it just hadn’t hit me that it’s been bad for a really long time.

Since then, I’ve given up on my list because with all the incidents just this year, keeping up might become a full-time job, and I’m not really interested in a job that constantly promotes negativity.

At the same time, I don’t think this pattern is something we can continue to ignore in our daily lives. At one point or another, it’s going to affect you or me personally just based on the odds.

Gun Ban or Gun Control – What Is Being Done by the United States Government?

It’s clear I’m not the only one who feels the political response to school shootings falls short. There is nothing apparent being done about the situation as far as I can tell. I think we’ve had enough of condolences and victim fundraising campaigns.

Do We Need a Change in Our Government Altogether?

There is no doubt that the NRA has the government in it’s pocket, and politicians are hiding behind the second amendment instead of acknowledging that something needs to change. But they’re not even willing to talk about the issue. Why?

I don’t think they’ve confronted what people want or even understand it. We barely understand each other as a society, much less in our political roles and parties.

Why Won’t They Talk about Gun Control

The problem is, I think everyone is just a bit confused on what gun control actually means because it means such different things to different people and everyone is ranting, but no one is listening.

I’m not for taking everyone’s guns away, but wouldn’t controlling who has access to automatic weapons be somewhat helpful? Should a teenager in modern times need an assault weapon of any kind? Is there really a valid argument against that?

I mean, we aren’t in an apocalyptic American dystopian society that is being physically oppressed by a rich upper class that we must revolt against – or maybe we are and not all of us can get the perspective?

We definitely aren’t back in the 1770’s when the need to protect ourselves against law enforcement, who would barge into our homes and kill our loved ones for Treason.

We are supposed to be a civilized nation that can have logical debates through our democracy, but can’t even have civilized pro con gun control arguments. It’s truly regrettable.

A Change Needs to Happen – But Change Can Be Scary

I know I’m not the only one who feels a change in our gun laws, or at least in mental health screenings and background checks, needs to happen. I’m also not the only one who believes that the shooters, and the people raising the shooters, have something to do with this.

The problems our country has with education and health, and our degraded farming industry, and the chemicals we’re allowed to feed each other and ourselves, has everything to do with this as well.

I am personally shocked that anyone might think we should DO NOTHING, and yet calls for no-action are being made. The only thing I can think when someone protests the idea of a background check to get an assault rifle is, “what are they hiding?”

All these complaints and calls for no action. Claiming that it’s the shooter’s fault doesn’t change the argument that gun control would keep those types of people from having access to the gun in the first place.

In a way I can understand, it’s like a deer headlights. We’re all a little scared. I am definitely scared to put the background review decision into the government’s hands.

The idea of someone’s race or religion meaning they can’t have a gun, throws me back to the Holocaust or slavery and makes me want to throw up, but I wouldn’t put it past the current administration to integrate it somehow.

Gun Reinforcement or Gun Ban?

The idea of having armed guards in schools understandably scares people. How many stories have we heard of innocent people getting shot by accident, even by professionals who are licensed to carry guns? Yet the argument has some merit.

I remember my first trip to Europe, when I stepped off the plane in Vienna and saw the security guards armed with rifles. It scared the bejeezus out of me, having never seen a gun before. Rather than make me feel safe, it made me feel weak and scared. What are we doing to our kids if that’s what they get to see every time they go to school? Do we really want that for our kids?

The Need for Gun Training Debate

Some people think we just need to increase our gun training as the solution.

I do agree with gun training as a means to avoid accidental deaths. If kids knew what guns were and understood their danger, we could avoid some fatal accidents. The problem is we turn around and give them video games that teach them how to shoot and kill, so it’s a contradictory lesson these days.

This takes us back to how guns are getting into the hands of kids in the first place, and how we can control who does get their hands on guns.

Why Gun Control Won’t Fix It

Despite my desire for change in the gun laws, it is obvious that mental health issues have gotten out of control in our country, and so better screenings and education alone isn’t necessarily going to resolve everything.

The depressed or depraved who do not get the help they need can be dangerous to themselves and others. If they want to hurt someone they will find a way to do so. And that is why I believe that the end-all to the real situation behind these school shootings is both in the vein of physical and mental health in our country.

The Real Reason Behind School Shootings in the United States

A majority of it goes back to the incessant prescribing and drugging of patients for every possible symptom, most of which are caused by poor nutrition and chemically-laden foods, just to line the pockets of Big Pharma and further fund a broken and costly medical system.

Idiocracy is happening, and it’s no joke. With what we put in our food, we might as well be watering all plants with Gatorade.

Idiocracy Food Pyramid

Let’s Talk About It

I am all for changing my mind on any topic. This is one I think we need to talk about as much as, if not more than, the #MeToo movement. We are fighting a war in our children’s schools, and we are losing young and innocent lives. What can we, the people, do to solve this?

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