Coming Up from Rock Bottom

Coming Up from Rock Bottom

I believed that my pain made me weak.

I thought if I couldn’t work as I had before, I didn’t have value.

I believed I was worthless.

I thought that I was a burden on others, and therefore had no right to happiness.

Why should I be allowed to laugh or even smile when I am a drain to my family and society?

And without happiness, I slowly died from my pain.

I gave up.

And then I was brought back.

I found out I was strong, despite my pain.

I realized I expected too much of myself.

In a sea of dark thoughts I had lost myself, until I found some friends who understood my pain.

Now I can see my worth.

I see my worth in the face of my loved ones as they ponder the loss of me.

Don’t worry, loved ones.

I am braced for the climb as I work to heal.

There is no stress worth the worry.

So even in my darkness now, I am free to laugh and smile.

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