Chubby Girl Fashion Blog

Chubby Girl Fashion Blog

Ever since I saw the Project Runway episode where Ashley Tipton presented the first plus-size runway show in NYC and WON, I’ve watched the fashion world expand quickly to accept those of us who are larger than a size 0-6.

There was some controversy regarding the fact that her models were clearly in the size 8-12 range, not truly plus size. But even that was a major advance that has to be acknowledged, and it’s opened the doors for us larger girls to jump onto the scene.

Unfortunately, shopping in department stores is still a pretty depressing experience for the most part.

I’m not big on mirrors, and I still have trouble finding things that fit me. I’m 5′ 5″ and 208 pounds, a super curvy size 14, but I can’t even imagine what it’s like for someone bigger.

As we work to change the world’s views on beauty, and open up the retail world to what real women look like, I’m sure we’re going to see more retail changes and options.

A lot of small businesses have opened up pop-up shops for trendy plus-size fashion, but I can’t wait to see it reflected in big stores. I’ve seen some exciting changes coming our way through Nordstrom, and I hope other department stores follow suit.

In the meantime, I’ve been finding a lot of great online options and would love to start sharing them through my blog here.

Chubby Girl Fashion Blog – Faves and Saves

Have you been digging all over Pinterest for the latest on chubby girl fashion? Me too!

I’m truly inspired to take some of the great ideas I’ve gotten from Pinterest over the years, and find amazing deals to help you recreate the most popular looks.

Let’s start here with a few of my favorites from fellow chubby girl bloggers out there – y’all are looking great!

All the right curves.

I am absolutely in LOVE with this look from The Curvy Fashionista.

The top perfectly features her curvy assets, and is the only way I would recommend wearing baggy sleeves.

The high waist circle skirt is perfect for slimming her waist line. And overall the material used looks thick and luxurious, yet extremely comfortable.

Any girl of any size could totally rock this look!

chubby girl fashion

credit goes to The Curvy Fashionista

I would love to recreate this look.

I’ve founds some amazing high-waist, wool skirts, at incredible prices (below), but the top in this outfit is so unique and I have no idea where it cam from. If anyone comes across something like it, please comment here with the link showing where we can get it.

At this time, the items above are all available in sizes between XXL and 3X. I apologize if they sell out fast, these are really great prices.

What girl doesn’t love a shirt dress?

It’s that dream of sporting your boyfriend’s dress shirt with a belt, something my skinny friends have been doing with their dad’s shirts since we were little girls.

This particular shirt dress, sold by RoseGal, is designed perfectly to showcase gorgeous stems, without coming too high up, and with the extra-long sleeves that give it the perfectly “oversized” look.

chubby girl fashion
credit goes to RoseGal

Unfortunately, this one is sold out, but I found some great similar options for you, displayed below.

The first Jill Sanders dress, on the left, although definitely pricey, looks like an amazing fabric and design. It also has great stitching and lines, really high-quality work. AND IT’S PLUS-SIZED.

I’m not surprised most Amazon shoppers would shy away from such an expensive purchase, despite Amazon’s satisfaction guarantee, but that’s the kind of dress you’d find for $1500 at Nordstrom.

That it comes in sizes above XL is incredible to me, since most designers reserve such a design for the super skinny.

I definitely support the kind of designer who wants to give everyone the luxury they deserve.

Don’t be scared to show off your curves.

Chubby fashion isn’t always about wearing baggy clothes to hide under.

It’s about celebrating who we really are, and there’s nothing sexier on any size and shape than a pair of tight leather leggings, like the ones featured here by ShopStyle.

chubby girl fashion
I’ve found some great options for chubby or plus-sized (whatever word suites you, everyday girl), in the leather leggings department.

I’m so excited to share these amazing styles with such great prices. They range in sizes from XL all the way up to 5X – a really hot find!

Start Your Own Chubby Girl Fashion Blog

If you’ve been considering starting a blog of your own, you definitely should.

We chubby girls need more voices out there, bringing forward new ideas to redefine beauty in the world.

I would be happy to answer any questions you have about blogging, and even making money at it. Please feel free to comment below or reach out to me through my contact form.

Also, check out this article on how to build your own website for free: Build Your Own Website Free

Happy shopping!

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