Boycott Dressing Rooms – Do Your Clothes Shopping from Home with Prime Wardrobe

Boycott Dressing Rooms – Do Your Clothes Shopping from Home with Prime Wardrobe

I used to love dressing rooms as a kid. No need to open the door, I can crawl under. And shopping with my mom was a rare treat saved for special occasions when there was no other option.

As a retail worker who favors the Kidswear department, I’ve seen my fair share of shopping sprees with some apparently fortunate kids who believe the dressing room is a nightmare where parents get to dictate what does or does not look good on them. I was lucky enough to have a mom who let me explore my free spirit and be my own fashion icon.

Leading to unforgettable moments like this:

Anyway, as an adult I have grown to absolutely loath dressing rooms. That cramped, sweaty cubicle where you learn whether you’ve gone down or up a size, or miraculously stayed the same. The cheap mirrors always makes things look bigger and closer, so I become shorter and fatter. My cellulite laughs at me as a struggle to wiggle into a pair of jeans. It’s a nightmare.

So, I have been boycotting dressing rooms for the majority of my adult life. I didn’t necessarily always online shop, I used to just get clothes that were a size too big or look like they’d obviously fit, and I’d gamble with it. If it doesn’t fit when I’m at home, I sell it on Poshmark.

Well, as of last night…I think I found a new way to shop that I’m about to fall in love with.

I like to manifest things that I want through wish lists. I basically go “window shopping” online and create wish lists of things I like through Pinterest. I find it therapeutic and a great way to raise my vibration (or tone) level, taking on the character of someone who can afford endless desires.

Sometimes it just feels like it would be classy to sit with my
pink-rimmed Tiffany computer glasses, an extra large wine glass with pear
flavored La Croix, and my feet curled up on my recliner, while I browse
through Amazon’s amazing dress selection and pretend to buy what I want.

I haven’t tried it quite like that yet, haha. But pretending has
always been my own way of having fun.

I’m starting to love my Tiffany glasses. #nerd #glassesgirl #tiffanyandco #bluebox

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Anyway, as I was browsing through Amazon’s new releases for Spring fashion and taking note of what’s popular for 2018, I saw they just started a brand-new try before you buy clothing program. It’s a new add-on, currently included with Amazon Prime (which I already have and use to the max), where you only pay for the clothing items that you keep. What the what?!


When I go to add it to my cart, right above the option to Buy is a new option to Try with prime wardrobe.


Having spent several years working for Nordstrom, I’m particularly fond of their return policy and even felt bad for the company with all the people I saw take advantage of it. But for those of us who have the strong need to avoid dressing room mirrors and therefore try things on at home, Nordstrom has been a leader in making clothes shopping from home a little less stressful.

Amazon is clearly trying to take whatever traffic they can from their competitors, and they’ve given Amazon Prime Members a new reason to love it. As if 2-day free shipping and amazing TV and movies weren’t enough.

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

How Prime Wardrobe Works

The steps are as simple as 1, 2, 3 – literally.

  1. You fill a virtual (online) box with three or more designated clothing items, including some awesome shoes and accessories, for women, men and kids.
  2. You have 7 days to try things on at home (which I think they should extend to two weeks, but it’s still much, much longer than the 20 minutes you get in the store.
  3. Then you finish checking out online and pay for what you’re keeping. They give you a return label for the items you are returning.

From how it sounds, there is no charge and therefore no need to wait for a refund. This is seriously sounding awesome, right?

As far as specific rules go, I haven’t personally tried it yet, so I can’t give my own review. But we don’t need to rewrite the book anyway, Amazon already has a blog article that covers it pretty well, click below if you want to check it out:

Try Before You Buy with Prime Wardrobe

However, I will tell you that for a limited time if you spend $200 or more you can get $20 off. That’s almost a free dress, and perfect timing just as the season is changing.

What’s Available in Prime Wardrobe

I know you were excited to get to the bottom of this shopping session to see what my favorite wish list items are. And I guess we’re going to feature Amazon today, specifically things I love in the Amazon Wardrobe.

As always, if you click through any of my suggestions and make a purchase on Amazon I will get a small commission. I truly appreciate the support as a home business, family blogger.

Here is a generous handful of my favorite “Hot for Spring and Summer” items, and even some everyday pieces that just speak to the different sides of me, all currently available to try-before-you-buy with Prime Wardrobe. (click the photos below to view the details)

Getting ready for Summer – off-the-shoulder is in.

Classy Vegas days.

And fun Vegas nights.

Because, “I don’t pop Molly, I rock Tom Ford.” – Jay-Z

You will not believe the price on this one. Definitely worth trying before buying.

Never try on a bathing suit outside of the comfort of your own home again. Look, polka dots!

I can’t stop looking at this incredible romper invention. Vacation? Work at Home? Gotta try it.

And I love this dress from the same line. Perfect cruise wear.

Trendy brand names like Splendid. Uh, hello cute!

The all-important closet staple: leggings. Also, by Splendid.

No size is excluded from beauty. This one is 16 to 24 plus.

Reminder I need to exercise, and can look good while I do it.

Haven’t you been wanting to try one of these vintage atrocities. It could be amazing…

For the zen in me.

Jaw drop. I can try this without buying?! Religion.

Try and buy handbags and accessories, too. The Kate Spade prices I’m seeing are kind of insane.

Click Here to Sign Up for Prime Wardrobe – Free for Prime Members

What Would You Try?

I’d absolutely love to hear what some of your favorite try and buy items are. Comment below!

It would probably defeat the purpose to try things on at home and then share photos, but at least you can weed out the good ones, right? I’d love to see any photos you’d be willing to share and items you’d recommend.

I’m definitely making plans for my own try-on session, and I’ll see about sharing some photos for that.

10 Replies on “Boycott Dressing Rooms – Do Your Clothes Shopping from Home with Prime Wardrobe

  1. THe prime wardrobe idea is really nice, the different outfits are nice and classy. The added advantage is really lovely. This would draw more attention to the store. I mean who doesn’t like to buy something and get compensated. Nonetheless the outfit S are to die for, and I will show some of my friends the link to try shopping with you.

    1. Hi, John. Thank you so much for stopping by and giving your feedback. It’s definitely much better to support a growing economy amongst friends. I love these outfits, too! 

  2. Hi Jamie! This is a very interesting concept. I love buying online but I do always find that I return a lot of things. Having a system like this means you’ll only pay once and your money won’t get tied up (refunds can take ages!). Also, you can really see if that item goes with your current wardrobe or not rather than trying to imagine it. I think it will make life simpler for retailers on one hand as they don’t have to process refunds but I’m sure some people will take advantage of the system and use it to get clothes to wear once then return without paying for it. Overall though, i like the idea – I guess this is another reason to sign up to prime!

    1. Hi, Thea. Returns are a nightmare, I completely agree with you. This is totally another reason to sign up for Amazon Prime! 

  3. I had no idea that Amazon released a try before you buy program for clothing. As a smaller man with a somewhat stocky build, I often run into problems with sizing.
    Sometimes I am a medium in shirts, while other shirt companies dictate that I try on a small.

    Additionally, jeans can be tight in places I’d rather they wouldn’t be. Thank you for alerting me to this program; I’ll have to give it a try.

    1. Hi, Ernest. It’s totally true. This is a lifesaver for a lot of people, as so many different brands have different ideas on sizing. Thanks so much for your feedback.

  4. I am an avid Amazon Prime user but I have never seen this. Probably because I never buy clothes from Amazon unless its a costume for Halloween lol, does anyone else purchase costumes like me?

    I am definitely going to have to check this out and may make me think twice before shopping anywhere else. Do you still get the two day shipping with Prime wardrobe?

    1. Hi, Traci. I LOVE Halloween costume shopping. 

      I think this program is brand new, because I haven’t seen it before either and now I see it every time I go to check out. The qualifying clothing items are fulfilled by Amazon so they are all Prime Elligible for 2-day shipping. Isn’t that awesome? Thanks for stopping by my blog.  

  5. This was very interesting! I love how people nowadays are coming up with new and creative ways to suit everyone’s needs especially the fashion industry. I’m on the other side of the scale where I need to try things on before I buy because I’m tiny, I find that even the smallest sizes don’t fit me so online shopping is a pain for me on that end of the scale! However, I have other friends who would benefit from this program because they are always complaining,I will show them this!

    1. It’s true. We’re all so different it’s amazing the fashion industry is surviving at all. I’ll keep my eyes out for something that caters to tinier figure. I know it has to exist somewhere. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment, Flavia! 

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