15 Unique Plus Size Halloween Costumes for Women

Normally I get really annoyed at all the Halloween promotion that happens in August.

I started to spot it this year and it is driving me crazy.

But then I remember how much I used to love planning my costume all year long until I got sick, and I think if you’re super creative and awesome it’s okay to start at least planning your costume.

I was browsing Dress Lily the other day and noticing all the SUPER CUTE stuff they have that could be turned into some awesome, trendy Halloween costumes for my favorite curvy girls, and I figured now is as good a time as any to start hunting down costumes.

Even if you’re a spoonie and plan to stay in, wouldn’t it be fun to share our costumes on Instagram and show off for the trick or treaters?

So here are the fifteen (and then some) amazing ideas I’ve found for super cute, possibly sexy, fun and popular, plus size Halloween costumes for women.

Please feel free to click any photos below to be redirected to the retailers site (Dress Lily or Amazon). As always, I do get a super tiny commission for any purchases you make through my blog at no extra cost to you. Some of my links will even earn you a discount.

If you make a purchase over $90 on Dress Lily (which is hard to do it’s so cheap), don’t forget to use the code AUTU10 for a $10 discount. But you can probably get a costume there for under $30.

I’m sorry if anything sells out too quickly, this stuff is popular.


1. Women Power

It’s the year for celebrating women, and I really wanted to find a great Wonder Woman costume for y’all, but so far all the reviews in for plus-size, inexpensive are saying don’t do it.

I did find this one as a consolation. It’s super cute, but totally not the real Wonder Woman so I didn’t want to advertise it that way. It does go up to 4X, which is awesome.

You could be just as womanly as Aphrodite – the goddess of love and beauty (aka Venus), in this Olympian goddess costume that ranges between XL and 3X.

And if you want the dark side of mythology, you could be Isis and lead the dead into the afterlife. Also, hot costume right? You don’t have to call it Isis if you don’t want to, this could just as easily be for Medusa. This has a full range of sizes up to 3X/4X.

2. Supergirl

If there is a super hero costume for curvy women that seems to be fitting well according to the reviews, it’s for Supergirl. A little last-year, but totally hot and still promoting that super power we share as women. You also don’t have to call it Supergirl – she eventually became Superwoman and it’s the same costume, people.

Here’s the catch, though – it only comes in “plus size.” Women in the reviews are saying it fits up to a 20 comfortably, possibly could fit a 22. I saw a picture on an 18 and the sleeves were a little loose but the bodice was on point with her curves and I could see it stretching.

I just really didn’t want to make this list without a super hero on it. Moving on.

3. Red Riding Hood

Planning a trip into the woods? I love this costume and so do the reviews, but pay attention because most people say order a size up. Luckily it goes up to a 5X, which I guess would be more like a 4X.

If you wanted something a little more on the conservative side, this one goes up to a 3X and is pretty popular.

4. Butterfly

I absolutely love this Plus Size Empire Waist Butterfly Print Dress by DressLily on a regular day, but with the right face paint and ballet flats it could be epic on Halloween. And it goes up to size 5X.

Plus Size halloween costumer butterfly

You could also check out the Monarch if you prefer orange and black.

monarch dress plus size

Or you could go the full mile and pair a black bodysuit (leggings and cami) with this cape.

5. Flapper Girl

Amazon’s 1920s lady on the fringe is actually a great price, sizes 1X to 3X.

Or you could take a modern twist on the classic with this Plus Size U Neck Fringed Bodycon Dress. Hot mamma, it goes up to 5X!

plus size flapper costume

6. Wednesday Addams

This is the perfect dress for my favorite Halloween character.

And here’s the perfect wig to go with your costume:
wednesday addams wig

You may consider this an odd costume choice, unless you grew up when Christin Ricci was the perfect Wednesday (my mom would disagree, but she’s kind of old and remembers the first Wednesday.)

wednesday addams is my spirit animal

7. Bar Wench (Rosmerta)

If you’re planning a party where you are likely going to tend bar or hostess, you could totally pair this Halloween Plus Size Lace Up Layered Hankerchief Dress with a bonnet and call yourself a bar wench. Harry Potter themed party – Rosmerta?

Otherwise, I think it would look on point with a black hat, black boots, and a black cat. And right now it’s still in stock through size 5XL.

plus size witch costume


And if you don’t love that, the Halloween Two Tone Lace Up Cocktail Dress might work, but they only have size 2X left as I write.

plus size wench costume

This is Amazon’s version of a bar wench, and I do love it, but I’m not confident on the sizing. It’s a 3X/4X which means it’s not a perfect fit, but it will probably work for most.

I also personally love this version of tavern maiden (can we stop calling it wench – ew) that goes up to 3X.

8. Bat Woman

Well, maybe not exactly. But pair this Bat Wing Top with the right pair of leggings and boots, and you’ve got yourself a cute costume – easy and cheap.

The batwing dress and batwing coat are better, but as I write they only have size 3X left.

I told you, popular costumes.

plus size bat woman

You could also try Amazon’s, sizes XL to 6X in this nightmare of a costume. Love the furry hoodie and boots (not included)!

This is the more classic comic character, Bat Girl, but be warned, it only comes in “plus” which is a one-size that fits from 16 to 20. This one is pretty popular – almost 1000 reviews (some from skinny sizes, though).

9. Vintage Sailor Girl or Pirate

This Button Embellished Striped Insert Vintage Dress is so adorable, and it totally screams sailor to me. You could try to find a cute little Navy cap to be the darling of the sailor boys, or just get an eye patch and give out gold bullion in the form of chocolate.

plus size sailor dress

And then there is the sexy captain hook version, never mind that they also call this a wench costume (what is our obsession with wenches) look at that awesome hat. This is the MOST POPULAR costume I have found on Amazon in women’s plus size – with over 350 positive reviews. It also goes up to a 3X/4X.

Do you have a friend who could actually be Captain Hook? This goes up to 18/20.

But let’s get back to the typical sailor girl, because I love her so much. This version has all sizes up to 3X/4X.

The pants version is pretty cute, too, and it goes up to a 4X. I feel like you could wear this any time of year.

10. Mermaid

If you click through this picture, this designer has made a few different skirts for mermaids that are all adorable. I really like this one because it looks pleathery and that’s so the thing right now for plus size. These skirts are made 1x – 3X.

I also found this perfect shell top – but it says the large fits a size 12-14 so they would probably look like pasties on me. My idea is you can cut out the shells and sew them onto a simple black, nude, or gold bra.

If you’re a spoonie, like me, this version below probably looks like a year-round outfit. But wouldn’t it look great at a virtual party while your significant other answers the door and hands out candy? At this price I’m thinking top of the list.

mermaid tail plus size

11. Classic Witch

There are so many ways to witch I really can’t not include it. I personally like the not-so-obvious version, but some people like the other kind.

Out of all the classics I really love this one, and so do the over 150 people who reviewed it on Amazon. It includes all the sizes up to 3X.

But if you want the more subtle approach to witching, I personally love this Hooded Lace Up Maxi Dress – which comes in a few different awesome colors and in sizes XL to 5XL.

plus size hood costume

12. Grumpy Bear

Of all the costumes I’ve look at today, this is the one I’m heavily considering getting for this year. It’s my favorite little grump guy!

I’m just not sure on the sizing, again with the 1X/2X and 3X/4X, but the reviews show it’s fitting pretty consistently.

13. Ninja Assassin

I had to include this costume because all women want to be a ninja assassin at some point in their lives. Kick ass, ladies.

14. Alice in Wonderland

Since I’m pretty much always Through the Looking Glass, Alice has got to be one of my favorite characters. I also did a musical production of Alice* with Centerstage USA when I was fourteen in which I played a white rose and a part of the caterpillar in the ensemble.

This is a pretty cute, adult version, of Alice that I kind of love. I’m seeing 1X-3X.

But I also love the classic Alice so I had to seek that out, too. This one is 1X/2X and 3X/4X, so not as close a fit, but it’s gaining popularity.

Do you have a friend who might make a good Hatter? I see a 1X.

And a 1X/2X – 3X/4X.

OMGoodness it just doesn’t stop. This one is all sizes up to 5X and so super cute!

15. Moulin Rouge Dancer

This one will probably remind you a bit of the bar wench (oh no, not that again), but it’s really more like one of the raunchy French prostitutes of the Moulin Rouge. I love that movie, and I love this dress. Also, it is fully available right now in sizes XL to 5XL at a great price!

plus size moulin rouge dress


Honorable Mentions:

There are just too many great costumes in curvy sizes to end at 15, and some of these are for the larger plus size ladies.

Don’t forget, click the photos to see more details.

Harlequin or Jester – Sizes XL to 7X

Dia de los Muertos Diva – Sizes XL to 8X

(careful with this one, I personally feel it’s most appropriate as a reflection of Latin heritage)

Unicorn – Size XL to 8X

Unicorns are totally in for people like us. This costume is awesome and really should have been in my list, but I found it much later so I’m adding it here. It goes up to 8X, too!

So much better than the onsie. Well, unless you’re a spoonie.

BONUS: Halloween Themed Plus Size Clothes

There are some things that don’t quite constitute a costume, but maybe when you look at them you’ll get some ideas. I couldn’t leave them out.

If you are familiar with Kinzie from Saint’s Row, this hoodie is for you.

kinzie saints row hoodie

Some girls are into skeletons, and that’s cool.

skeleton tank plus size

And this is what I will be wearing:

Which one is your favorite?

Have a Happy Halloween!

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  1. Very informative post. I never realized there were so many different options and types of different costumes for Halloween. It is challenging to just pick one!

  2. Hi Jaime,
    Wow, I love them all! Great picks!
    Though many are a little to “sexy” and young for this grandma, lol, there are some that would do just fine.
    You’ve given me lots of ideas for this year, thanks!

    1. Haha, thanks Suzanne. I did try to include some conservative ones, because I completely understand as we get older Halloween is not quite so flashy. But I’m happy you were able to get some good ideas for Halloween Costumes. Thanks again for stopping by.

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